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Author Page

This page was developed several years ago to support the writing of the writer W. Allan Baldwin. It has not been changed since.

The general look is what I viewed as being the state of the art at the point where the page was implemented. I would not do this today, as there are better solutions.

This uses primarily CGI to format everything. It also keeps a state on the local computer. This was initially set up to allow the user to do e-commerce, but this WEB site doesn't use that feature.

I drew all the backgrounds on these pages.

The primary innovation on this page is the pointer which follows the "?" on the URL. This is formatted to allow the program to pick out the session file which contains the state information between runs. In addition, part of the number is used to indicate a state number for the session. This is used to select the page displayed, as well as the targets for the links that appear on the page.

This page also represents my first attempt at generating e-mail from a CGI program. While the attempt is legitimate, the interface required that this be completely rewritten for the current page.

In the future I will not use the number to indicate the state. The problem is that if a graphic is clicked on (as one of the sub-pages to this one) then the position is indicated by two numbers which are placed after the question-mark. It will work (and does work on the graphic page) but I don't like it, and so I have abandon that technology.

For the reasons I've suggested I have scheduled these pages for a rewrite when I get time. I will also change some of the content at that time.

Cookies were not used to store the state for this technology because when I developed the technology I was working for someone who didn't like cookies.

©2008, Baldwin Computer Science

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