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Built Systems

I custom build all of my computer systems, and am willing to do the same for someone else that has particular needs. I am willing to custom build computers for other people for a price. Currently I cannot offer a reduced price, except that since I install Linux rather than Windows, the computer would have the many advantages that Linux offers, with none of the disadvantages Window gives. That is, Linux is virtually free (I'd probably have to charge $1 to cover the cost of media) and does not have the problems with viruses and worms that Windows does, so the user will save additional money on a virus scanner.

For a more complete discussion of the advantages of Linux, see my page dedicated to Linux.

One result of my building my own systems is that I have several old computers around that are suitable for use as firewalls. These typically will have some form of Linux installed, and will be capable of hosting an Internet site. While buying a fixed IP may be more than what someone wants to do, it might be desirable to set up a WEB page on the local network (for example, on the local area network that services a house) which would allow for household announcements, etc.

I have not tried to set up a dial-up line on Linux yet, but I'm willing to try.

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