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Coordinate Transformation Package

This is a package that I developed for my employer, and it is, therefore, not available to display.

The main feature of this system is that it allowed the nesting of transformations. Therefore, it would be possible to specify one transformation followed by a second, a third, etc. to whatever depth was needed. Transformations could even be added dynamically.

Out of the fear that someone will say that all transformations can be handled by a matrix multiplication, and, therefore, this is not significant, I will point out that not all transformations can be handled by a matrix multiplication, rather, only a small but significant number can be. These transformations may have included projections from the XYZ transformation to the LLH transformation, and LLH to XYZ, which cannot be handled by matrices.

This was intended to be part of a larger package which would have abstracted the concept of a position. Therefore, the position would be stored using whatever information the user input, then the value would be transformed as needed for any given applications. The company I worked for generated software for surveying, and I was told keeping the original data intact was very important for legal reasons.

I'm not sure it the position object was ever abstracted out.

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