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Device Communication System

This is a system I developed while working for someone else, therefore the code is not available.

This allowed the user to download files from various pieces of equipment. In truth, the information was kept on the device, but was not allows kept in a format that was suitable for storage, so most devices had to go through some data transformation procedure before they could be stored.

The communication was over a rs232 port, so the baud rate, etc., had to be set.

One feature of this system was the ease of use. The API programmer just needed to ask for a file, and it was given, the type of device was not relevant. In addition, the file could come from a file.

To transfer the files from the device to the disk the user just highlighted the file on the device, and hit a button which did the transfer. Several files could be transferred at once. In addition, files could be transferred the other way, if appropriate, by highlighting them on the disk side and hitting a button that would transfer them to the device.

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