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Fedora System

The Fedora system is sponsored by the Redhat company from New Jersey. It is a root distribution in that they do not start from any other distribution to create theirs. However, many distributions have been based on Redhat.

I've seen the statement made that Ubuntu is better for the desktop than Fedora, but Fedora works as a better server. This may be true, but I have not taken the time to verify this. I do know that Ubuntu tends to be difficult to install if what you want is something different that what the guys at Ubuntu want to give you. For example, installing it on a system with more than one disk, etc. (It can be done, it's just more difficult.)

Fedora tends to handle the strange hardware easier.

One problem I've had with Fedora is upgrading. With Ubuntu, an upgrade to the latest version is literally a button click followed by a long wait. (I've found it useful to go to the extra trouble of downloading the CD with the latest version so that the upgrade is faster.) I've had trouble upgrading Fedora, however. That is, the only way to do the upgrade is to download the CD/DVD, and to run the upgrade from the CD, and then it as extremely slow.

I think Redhat has been working on this, but I haven't had time to see where it's at.

Therefore, for most people I would recommend Ubuntu, but Fedora has an advantage in strange systems.

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