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Photo Display page

This page was developed in an attempt to display the photos I have on my personal WEB site in a reasonable fashion. "Reasonable" in this case mean that, regardless of the size of the browser window. This is done by putting the thumbnail images into a table, and using a CGI program to decide where to put the table breaks.

This has not been thoroughly tested, and I have some reason to believe that Internet Explorer has problems with it. I may get around to fixing these errors some day.

Part of the reason for delaying the fixing of this suspected bug is that the technology is currently obsolete. That is, I used tables to do all the formatting, where I could have used CSS, and possibly avoided having to use CGI for anything but supplying the data for the images.

These pages have all the text in a MySql database. The images are still kept as separate files.

I also put google ads in the template for this page to show that I could do it as much as anything else. I doubt the traffic on my personal photo page will be enough to generate any real revenue.

Since this is database driven, there is a WEB site which is only available on my laptop computer which is used to update the text.

Once the user is directed to one of these pages, the browser window size is measured, and appended to the end of the URL. This approach has some problems, as if someone puts a link to an internal page, it will include the size of the browser page, which may not be correct. That also dilutes the google presence for this page.

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