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Stare Graphics

Another interesting project I was involved with was the generation of "stare" graphics. These were popular in the early 1990's, and consisted of a single picture which was made up of smaller pictures that were distorted in such a way that if the user looked at the image just right, a three dimensional image of something unrelated to the original images would result.

This program is no longer available because it was first written for a MS_DOS system, and the source is currently missing. I look forward to rewriting this for the graphic display.

I developed my own set of projections for this, as I did not consider the stare graphics to be complicated enough to depend on reading a book to come up with the results. In addition, as I recall the final program had not been modified yet to handle picture - it just used random sets of dots on the image. Also, I don't think I finished any means of entering data.

Part of the reason for the incomplete state of this program is that the contractor lost interest in it, so I went on to other things.

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