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History of Baldwin Computer Science

Baldwin Computer Science is a computer company dedicated to developing cutting edge software. It was started in 1992 by Bill Baldwin, who is still its only employee.

During the 1990's the company developed several pieces of software, including some graphics software to display stare graphics, and an operating system. Neither was as completed as I would have liked. For the most part the company wasn't very active in the 1990's.

Even in the late 1990's there was some work in the area of developing WEB sites.

Starting in 2002, the company was once more resurrected. This time, it was attempting to develop software for its sister company Computer Freedom LLC. The software more or less completed included a POS system. Planned software included a security system for the Computer Freedom store front. Lack of funding for Computer Freedom put all that software on hold.

A contract was obtained for developing a WEB site using e-commerce. This was to sell a piece of software written by Stan Troeh for a third party. The WEB site was completed, but once the site was completed, the third party decided not to try to sell the software after all.

Several WEB sites have been implemented, and hosted on the company WEB server. The most notable of these sites is the WEB site that was influential in helping to persuade the Kansas Legislature to adequately fund the Kansas schools. This URL has been discontinued, but the site is still available as

This WEB site has not been updated in five years because the person supplying the content quit supplying it.

Other WEB sites included one promoting IRV and STV voting was developed in the early 2000's. This site is at It has not been updated in about five years as that has not been my top priority. I hope to update it soon.

Another WEB site has been established for W. Allan Baldwin's writing activity. This site is at This site was made shortly after the e-commerce WEB site, and uses the same technology.

A personal WEB site was installed in the late 1990's at

Finally, this WEB site was first established around 2000, and is currently being upgraded as you can see.

Currently, the company is actively seeking new business.

©2008, Baldwin Computer Science

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