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Past Projects

Baldwin Computer Science has worked on a variety of project over the years. These have been in _ areas.


The majority of the projects have been in graphics or user interface. This includes all WEB page development (with the exception of some aspects of e-commerce). Some of these are:

Stare Graphics display
This program generated output in a stare graphics format. This require projections from a three dimensional representation of the object displayed to a two dimensional surface, plus additional processing to generate the patterns require for the graphics.
Many WEB pages
(see WEB page in the header.) In addition to the WEB pages listed above, a business site was implemented, but later abandoned by the owner.
Imaginary map display
This was written three ways, once for QT, once for Internet, and once for GTK. In addition, an abbreviated form of this page was selected to illustrate the canvas tag.

Computer Science

I have written several programs that can only be described as Computer Science, that is, explorations into what the computer can do. This include a beginning of an operating system, several libraries to allow me to handle tasks on a timely basis.

Scientific Programming

This includes primarily my classes which handle Relativistic transformations. This has been wrapped in a user interface at

Business Programming

I have also written programs to support business activity. Primarily, this includes a point-of-sale system that I designed and implemented for the Computer Freedom company.


These are a small part of the projects taken on be Baldwin Computer Science. Do you have a project you would like to have added to this list?

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