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Resume for Bill Baldwin

William A. Baldwin
10042 Horton Drive
Overland Park, KS 66207
Cell Phone:
Lead a software development team. Failing that,
Development of significant software which will challenge my software development skills. Failing that,
Develop GUI or Internet software that is visually appealing.
Wrote operating system extensions for Windows, graphics packages and applications, coordinate translation packages, serial communications module, several programming language tools, user interfaces, device drivers, and operating system programs. Wrote CGI programs for Apache using C++. Wrote tools to support my writing hobby.
Administered a budget, made personnel decisions, and wrote significant proposals which were funded. I have negotiated a lease for a business. I have set up an LLC.
Programming Languages:
Expert in 80386 protected mode assembly language, C++, Javascript, C, PL/1. Studied Java. Can any language quickly.
Development Environments/tools:
Wrote in COM using ATL. Wrote my own Active Templates. Wrote in Javascript using DOM and CSS. Implemented COM without ATL. Have used Visual C++, Borland C++, and Kdevelop C++, Eclipse C and Java.
Operating Systems
Used UNIX, Windows, Windows CE, Linux. I have programmed with no operating system, compiler, or assembler.
(Computer Science), Iowa State University, GPA 4.0.
(Computer Science), Iowa State University GPA 3.98.
(Mathematics and Chemistry), Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa 50140, GPA 3.5.
Self Employed
WEB site:
Wrote e-commerce Internet site in C++. Used Javascript and DOM extensively. Some CSS. Not currently available.
Designed and wrote Internet sites to support my writing hobby in C++. See
Redesigned WEB site to use MySql and a standard template. See
Wrote a graphics program to support writing hobby in C++. First using QT, then Internet ( then GTK.
Explored starting a retail business. Set up an LLC, negotiated a lease, designed and negotiated a building remodeling.
Designed and wrote a POS system for the business in C++ for use on Linux.
POINT, Inc (a.k.a. Sokkia Technology)
1996-2002. Left due to downsizing.
Suggested changes to DLL versioning to make DLLs more usable.
Designed and wrote the GUI for a hand held device in C++ for Windows CE. This was used in sales promotions.
Redesigned and wrote API and GUI for file downloading in C++ for desktop Windows. Simplified both by use of object oriented techniques. Redesigned to use COM and ATL.
Designed and wrote a coordinate translation system data in C++ for desktop Windows. Allowed many daisy chained translations. Used COM and ATL.
Wrote classes for software to analyze GPS data in C++ for desktop Windows.
Helped debug software in C for hand held Windows CE. redesigned development technique, cutting setup time from 24 hours to 7 minutes. Bugs included thread interaction bug, data alignment bug. First week of programming for Windows CE.
Debugged a major program written in New Zealand for theodolite surveying in C. Resulted in major revenues (reportedly more than $50,000 in the first year).
Cubic Applications
, Leavenworth, KS. Left when contract expired.
Visited military bases worldwide to collect data.
Wrote a data analysis program in C++ for Windows. Papers were written saying it couldn't be done.
Wrote some sections of the reports to the government.
Other work experience.
Started writing operating system at home. Operating system was to be faster than Windows of Linux for a specific task. Finished memory management and task switching components. Also, determining the processor (between 8086, 80286, 80386, and Pentium). Designed to work on 80386 and Pentium. In assembly language, using level 0 instructions.
Advised embedded programmer on curve fitting algorithms for noisy data. Program was written in 6502 assembly language.
Wrote graphics input and display program for 3 dimensional input and output using “stare” technique. Wrote in C++ on MS-DOS.
Designed and helped debug an interface to a surveillance camera, which was built by others. Wrote all the driver logic.
Wrote a graphics translation package that required major mathematical analysis.
Wrote the analysis portion of a program specification tool.
Wrote a driver for a floppy disk unit for a new operating system. Discovered a major bug in the Unix driver.
Additional work history sent on request.
Professional Publications
Various requirements documents, design documents while at POINT.
Phase 1 Final Report for the Combat Training Center Data/Document Collection, Archiving and Training Feedback/Archival Dissemination Master Plan (DATA-MP)” with analysis team. Government report.
Data Element Analysis for the Combat Training Center Data/Document Collection, Archiving and Training Feedback/Archival Dissemination Master Plan (DATA-MP)” with analysis team. Government report.
"B2-D to Magic Translator", user documentation, Boeing Computer Services.
"Hypertrees", Computer Science Conference.
"Sketch Handling Subsystem", program documentation for Warren County, Ohio.
"Hypertrees-A study in language specification", dissertation, Iowa State University.
"Many Sorted Algebras", North Dakota Computer Science conference.
"The Animate Programming Language", UND Technical report.
"C-A Powerful Programming Language for Petroleum Applications" with Min Chu, SPE Newsletter.
"A Case for Using Procedure Calls for I/O", SIGPLAN Notices.
"Multi Dimensional Trees" with George Strawn, Theoretical Computer Science.
"A Halftone Approximation Measure", presented at the International Symposium Seminar Exhibition, a conference sponsored by the Society for Information Display.

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